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HBK Enterprises LLC is operated at the HBK Ranch in Inola, Oklahoma. HBK Enterprises LLC is a family owned and operated business founded in 2016 by Brandon & Kamicha Hill. HBK Enterprises LLC is focused on bringing you more businesses with great customer satisfaction in order to fit your every day needs.

HBK Enterprises LLC strongly supports the U.S. Constitution's 2nd Amendment and believes that no single person should have the power to change it!

We give honor and glory to God in all we do!

(DBA) HBK Firearms

Welcome to HBK Firearms, your number one source for all things firearms. HBK Firearms is dedicated to giving you the very best of all things firearms and ammunition. HBK Firearms focuses on four characteristics: dependability, great customer service, advanced training, and giving you the satisfaction of owning and handling a firearm.

HBK Firearms was founded in 2016 as a home based internet company. We pride ourselves in the positive feed back we receive from our website visitors and customers.

HBK Firearms can service all your firearm needs! HBK Firearms can assist you with buying a new firearm, assembling a firearm, customizing a firearm ,and firearm transfers. Whatever your firearms needs, HBK Firearms will get it handled!

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, contact us.

Brandon & Kamicha Hill

Our Team

Brandon Hill


With 18 years in area law enforcment experience, Brandon brings his experience with weapons training and service to citizens.

Joe Horner

Co-Owner/Training Consultant

With over 10 years in Law Enforcement, Joe has been a CLEET Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor since 2010. He has presented to private citizens and Law Enforcement all over and is nationally recognized for his teaching style.

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In God We Trust, All Others NCIC

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HBK Firearms




9084 W. 580 RD 
Inola, OK 74036


CEO/Training Officer

Brandon Hill
Phone: (918)352-6767

E-mail: bhill@hbkent.com


Chief Training Officer

Joe Horner

Phone: (918)739-0527

E-mail: jhorner@hbkent.com

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