We are currently building a second website so you can order any of our items from the site. Once we get it up and running we will be posting it, in the mean time contact us with any gun order!






We are curently offering Master Armorer services for AR-15 Platform Rifles and Glock pistols. If you have questions, please contact us for more information.



Custom AR-15 rifle uppers are availible now! Let us know your interest and what type of rifle you are looking for and we will build one to fit your needs.

Contact Joe for getting your custom upper built now!



Coming Soon to the website!


Firearms, Fenix Flashlights, Military Gear, Gun Cleaning Supplies





Thank you and God Bless!

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CEO/Training Officer

Brandon Hill
Phone: (918)352-6767

E-mail: bhill@hbkent.com


Chief Training Officer

Joe Horner

Phone: (918)739-0527

E-mail: jhorner@hbkent.com

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