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HBK Firearms has partnered with the Diesel Power Plus Riverbend Arena in Inola OK to host firearms training at their awesome arena! All 8 hour or longer classes will have a meals available from the Chow House Restaurant for class events.


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Private classes at your location are also available, contact us for details! for more information on classes.



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Date Time Training Location
TBA 0800 Open Enrollment SDA Class  Riverbend
TBA 0800 Private SDA Carry  Riverbend
TBA 0800 Private Self-Defense Class Riverbend
TBA 0800 Woman's Only SDA Riverbend
TBS 1800 Woman's Situational Awareness Class Riverbend
TBA 0800 Pistol Cleaning and Storage Riverbend
TBA 0800 Pistol II Riverbend
TBA 0800 Patrol Rifle Riverbend



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(Conceal Carry) What to Bring to Class
This is the Basic Information for Training that will have classroom and range time!
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Course Information Below


Conceal Carry Class

     All Conceal Carry Classes are the Sate Of Oklahoma mandated classed that have to be take to receive your license to carry a firearms! This Class is an 8 hour course. A round count of 50 rounds are required! (Conceal Carry Class Only. A Class with 2 dates posted at the same time means the student can take the classroom portion of the class now and return on a scheduled range date of their choice to finish the class).  




Women's Situational Awareness (4 Hours) $$ FREE $$

     A class centered around a realistic approach to the busy lifestyles and sometimes described as insane schedules we all keep. This class is meant to be an eye opener and to result in analytical thought and open discussion in a non-intimidating atmosphere.

The class will consist of honest and realistic instruction of known threats as well as raising awareness of unknown or unforeseen threats that can occur. This is not a physical fighting class and you won’t leave defeated or embarrassed or bruised (physically or emotionally). It is a class meant to waken and train the most dangerous weapon you have, your mind.  

The class will have open objective dialogue about perceived threats, threat assessments,  what to do and when to do it as well as what takes place after the fight or flight occurs. It is considered a standalone class but will benefit anyone wanting to or even somewhat interested in attending a conceal carry class with HBK Firearms.

While there is no age restriction or physical combat that will occur in this class, please be aware that this can become a “PG-13” class quickly in the discussions. Nothing other than an open mind, no equipment is needed for this class.


PISTOL 101 (Beginner Course)

     The 8 hour course goal is to teach a student  the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for owning and using a single-action and double-action revolver and semi-automatic pistol safely. Students will identify the parts of a pistol and type actions, and demonstrate how they function. Students will apply and adopt rules for safe gun handling and demonstrate how to handle a pistol in a safe manner, learn to explain the different components of a pistol cartridge and explain the firing sequence. Learn the factors in determining how to purchase a handgun. How to properly identify, store ammunition and explain the major causes of cartridge malfunctions. Learn gun range safety rules and commands. Use the 5 steps of the fundamentals of marksmanship. This course is conducted in the classroom and with time on the range.Course fee is $100 or $75 if you have taken any other paid class with HBK Firearms


Pistol I

     An SDA or “Concealed Carry” class will only take you so far. As some people have come to know, it is simply a firearms safety mixed with a legal brief and does nothing to enhance accuracy, drawing from concealment or stress under fire. The Combat Pistol Level I class will cover those three subjects in detail. We will teach the correlation of the three subjects and how they will enhance your performance under stress.

The day will start with a safety brief then immediately into the discussion of accuracy, caliber selection, equipment selection and dry fire techniques. We will cover the Warrior Mindset and how it not only pertains to law enforcement but how it will help you will the battle. After the short classroom portion, we will go to the range and practice what we preach. You will be shown in detail how to diagnose shooting problems that you may be having, how to fix them, common malfunctions, reloads and what benefits these may have after you leave the class. After the lunch break, we will begin the draw process. It will be slowed so that we can fine tune each person in the class to draw from a holster safely and with quickness. The final portion will be a “construction” of all the principals taught so you leave the range with a better understanding of your mind and weapon. 

The class will begin promptly at 0800 hours and will run to 1800 hours. Yes, that is 10 hours; you will be given a lunch break as well as other breaks throughout the day so you will still get your money’s worth of instruction. A round count of 250 rounds will be needed for the day, a holster and pistol you plan to use in everyday carry, eye protection, ear protection and a ball cap will be needed as well. A lawn chair is also recommended for the class. Course fee is $150 or $100 if you have taken any other paid class with HBK Firearms


Pistol II (16 hours)

     Pistol II picks up where we leave off in the level I class. We will cover in more detail that same fundamentals taught in level I as well as introduce you to higher levels of stress and demonstrate to you ways to focus and win in the fight. The Combat Level II class is two days of hands on controlled pistol combat. 

Day one will be a refresher of Combat Pistol I in the morning and we will determine if you practiced what you learned. In the afternoon, movement will be taught. The correct ways to position yourself will be shown and get off the “X” in the fight. 

Day two will cover the OODA Loop and show how to use it under stress. More time on the range putting the tactics to use and pushing you to your safe limits. You will leave this class with a new understanding of your limits and how to push past them in a life or death situation. 

A round count of 500 rounds will be needed for the class, a holster and pistol you plan to use in everyday carry, eye protection, ear protection and a ball cap will be needed as well. I recommend a set of knee pads and a lawn chair you can toss around. Course fee is $200 or $150 if you have taken any other paid class with HBK Firearms


Pistol Cleaning & Storage (4 hours) $$ FREE $$

     This Class you will bring a firearm to class and learn how to field strip it down and clean it properly (if you dont have a gun we have pleanty that need cleaned).You will learn what tools needed, cleaning material needed,and a suitable location for cleaning. Instructors will be assisting you as the presentation is given so everyone gets the firearm taken apart and back together properly. BRING YOUR PISTOL & CLEANING SUPPLIES or purchase supplies from us!

You will then learn how to properly secure and store your firearms and ammunition.




Deisel Power Plus Riverbend Arena 

12900 E. 600 Rd

Inola OK 74036


Directions to Riverbend


                                  ******** COMING SOON********


up to 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, &  1 MILE sniper range coming soon!



If the class you would like to take is not listed please feel free to contact us and we will make arrangements for the class! 

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